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Luna Paws ~ Official 2012 by SCIFIJACKRABBIT

She's very cute. I love her bodytype, I think these kind of girls are cuter than those who looks like anorectics. I like especially her legs.
In this picture anatomy, reality, and shadows are very well done in my opinions. Usually you see pictures with girls having a very big butt and big breasts, but very small waist and/or stomach, that is very unrealistic and looks stupid. You made this girl look very cute with all her chubbyness and her stomach, even though it isn't flat, but hey, who made the rule that it should be like that? She's beautiful just the way she is.
I like her clothing very much too, they suit well together, shoes with the shirt and rest darker ones all together. Ripped shorts are also a nice idea. And those small pockets on them are so cute.
Her hair is very nice as well, I especially like the moon on them. Ears are also very cute, I must say that thpse panda ears suits her and her clothing/style very well.
Pale eyes makes her look a bit mysteric along all the cuteness. I like her expression very much. Small blushes makes her still yet girly.
Nice job I must say!
The Artist thought this was FAIR
20 out of 21 deviants thought this was fair.


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