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Luna Paws ~ Official 2012 by SCIFIJACKRABBIT

She's very cute. I love her bodytype, I think these kind of girls are cuter than those who looks like anorectics. I like especially her...

Skinny but still fat by Antony-Hell

This is exactly how many young people, girls and boys too, feel nowadays. You should have flatt stomach or more like not stomach at all...


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pohjankuu's Profile Picture
I draw very rarely but I love to explore DA to find some new art and nice pictures, also inspiration to fashion and such.
I like winter, night, animals, dancing & burlesque, alternative/sub-culture fashion, make-up and nail-art, roleplaying, cartoons(/anime) & comics(/manga), baking & cooking, sewing and long walks.
  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: Kaija Koo - Kaunis, rietas, onnellinen
  • Reading: DA messages
  • Watching: My computer screen
  • Eating: Escalloped macaroni (veg version) & jelly roll
  • Drinking: Lactose-free milk
Okay, so I got tagged by :iconx-freak1:
This is the first time I got tagged, so... here we go.
First her questions for me:

1. What are you fan of.....? ect. YFM, EEDSWORLD, NARUTO, HARRY POTTER.... you name it......
- Ahh shit... There are SO many things that if I would have to write down all of them, I would sit here until the sun comes up (right now here in Finland it's 23.28...)
But I could name few: Eyeshield21, Naruto, One-Piece, YFM and MANY MANY other bands/musicians (especially Finnish), some Finnish shows, like: Kumman Kaa, Ketonen & Myllyrinne, Muodollisesti pätevä, etc. etc.

2. Do you know how old i am and if..... does it scare you......?
- Yes I do. And no... Why should it.

3. What makes you happy......?
- My friends, animals/pets, music, dancing, long walks (especially when it's dark outside), food and goodies.

4. How did you trip ower my art....?
- Hmm... I don't remember for sure, but I guess I was just searching some random fanart of YFM here in DA and then I found your art and got really impressed. By you other artworks too, I think they're all amazing.

5. Do you consider me as one of your friends..........?
- Yes I do.

6. Do you hate to be tagged................?
- I guess not. It happens so rarely that it doesn't really bother me.

My questions for those who I tag:

1. What kind of art do you like the most? (for ex: Digital art, "traditional" art, paintings, etc.)
2. How did you find Deviantart and why did you register?
3. What is our relationship? Are we friends, sisters, justsomerandomdudesfromDA, or what?
4. Do you know what YFM is? (If not, do not cheat it from google before you have answered.) If yes, do you like them?
5. Who is the hottest cartoon guy/girl you know?
6. What is your favourite time of the day? (Morning, day, night, etc.)

I KNOW my questions suck, but I'm lazy and empty-headed right now, so let's live with them...
I tag:


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Hyvää synttäriä! :party:
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